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Kut Gard ATA® PreventWear Blended Cut Resistant Jacket with Mesh Back and Thumb Holes

Part # J145SP-4CM-TH

Experience superior cut protection combined with the effortless convenience of a full zip jacket with the Kut Gard® ATA® Prevent Wear™ jackets by PIP®. Crafted from exceptionally durable, high-performance fibers, the J145SP-4CM-TH jacket provides substantial resistance against cuts and abrasions in high-risk areas. To address the potential hazards of high cut incidents, the jacket features a 4″ Comfort Collar that offers ANSI A7 protection for crucial arteries in the neck. Reinforced knit material across the abdomen achieves an ANSI A6 rating, while the forearms provide ANSI A5 level of cut resistance. The upper chest, biceps, and upper back panel ensure ANSI A4 cut resistance. Designed with protection in mind, the intentionally long length of the jacket extends coverage to the groin area. Furthermore, it prioritizes wearer comfort by incorporating a mesh back panel that releases body heat, promoting a cool and dry environment. The 4″ Comfort Collar provides a soothing, cooling sensation against the skin. Proudly made in the USA.


  • ATA® Technology blend provides excellent cut protection and outstanding wearer comfort
  • ANSI Cut A7 (Neck), ANSI Cut A6 (Abdomen), ANSI Cut A5 (Forearms) and ANSI Cut A4 (Biceps, Chest and Upper Back)
  • Full-length zipper closure for easy on/off
  • Knitted mesh back reduces overall garment weight
  • 4″ comfort collar has cooling effect against the skin
  • Thumb holes keep sleeves from riding up
  • Antimicrobial treated yarn to help discourage bacterial growth
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine wash in cold water, dry on low heat

Available sizes S-6XL

This item offers cut protection in the following locations:

  • Abdomen: A7
  • Bicep: A4
  • Chest: A5
  • Forearm: A6
  • Neck/Collar: A8
  • Upper Back: A5



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