Why Tri-State

Going the extra mile: All in a day’s work

Tri-State Industrial Supply offers fast, reliable service and a broad selection of personal safety products, from top name brands to the most affordably priced equipment. But what really sets us apart from the competition is our focus on delivering value.

First, we’re experts in the field. You benefit from our 30+ years of experience in the development and application of safety products, and our knowledge of the industry’s changing regulatory requirements.

But we don’t just rely on past experience. We’re constantly sharpening our product knowledge, taking a proactive approach to finding and stocking the best of the best. When we discover a product that’s superior to what you’re currently using, we’ll reach out to ask if you’d like to give it a try.

Next, we understand tight deadlines. We know that you don’t have time (or money) to waste. As a stocking distributor, we have access to all major manufacturers and can ship 20,000+ items the same day you place your order.

Most importantly, we’re incredibly responsive. Helpful humans actually answer our phones here. We’re just a call away to make changes to your order, review product specs and offer recommendations to help with your purchasing decisions.

Protecting your workers is a tremendous responsibility, and we thank you for entrusting us with it. At Tri-State Industrial Supply, your time, money and safety always come first.