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Kut Gard ATA PreventWear Cut Resistant 1/4 Zip Pullover with Hi-Vis Sleeves and Thumb Holes – PJG145-3CM-HVB-TH


Experience the formidable protection of Kut Gard® ATA® Prevent Wear™ pullovers, expertly crafted from resilient, high-performance fibers. These pullovers prioritize safeguarding the upper body with remarkable efficiency. For effortless donning and optimal wearer comfort, the PJG145SP-3CM-HVB-TH model boasts a ¼ zipper, granting a wider neck opening. Even when the zipper is open, the worker remains shielded by the A5 stretch gator. When fully closed, the collar offers ANSI A7 coverage, ensuring neck protection. The abdomen benefits from specially reinforced knit, earning an ANSI A6 rating. The forearms feature ANSI A5 knit, guarding against medium to heavy cut hazards. Moreover, the upper chest, upper back, and biceps boast A4 knit protection. To promote ventilation and release body heat, a ¾ mesh back panel has been incorporated, enhancing comfort in warm environments. Wearer safety is further enhanced by the high-visibility yellow bicep panels, heightening awareness to prevent accidents. These pullovers are machine washable, guaranteeing prolonged wear life. Proudly made in the USA.


  • ATA® Technology blend provides excellent cut protection and outstanding wearer comfort
  • ANSI Cut A7 (Neck-Close Collar), ANSI A6 (Abdomen), ANSI Cut A5 (Neck-Open Collar, Forearms) and ANSI Cut A4 (Chest, Biceps and Upper Back)
  • High-visibility yellow biceps raise worker awareness
  • 3/4 mesh back helps air circulate, keeps the wearer cool
  • 3″ comfort collar has cooling effect against the skin
  • Snug cuffs with thumb holes keep sleeves from riding up
  • Antimicrobial treated yarn to help discourage bacterial growth
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine wash in cold water, dry on low heat



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